Karol (album)


Signed CD includes digital download of album.

Downloadable .zip includes audio (AAC 320kbps VBR), digital booklet (PDF), and album art.

Shipping to US Lower 48 only – please contact Alex for orders outside this region.



  1. Skyward
  2. Orachle (for Igor Stravinsky)
  3. Vanishing Act (for Maddalena Casulana)
  4. Miniature 1
  5. Light (for J.S. Bach)
  6. Casey Jones (for Charles Ives)
  7. Karol (for Karol Szymanowski)
  8. Color Wheel (for Alexander Scriabin)
  9. Miniature 2
  10. Eastman (for Julius Eastman)
  11. Castaway (for Henry Cowell)
  12. Miniature 3

Released September 2019 (Challenge Records)

Alex LoRe – alto/soprano saxophones; Glenn Zaleski – piano; Desmond White – bass; Allan Mednard – drums; George Garzone – tenor saxophone (tracks 3 & 10)

All compositions by Alex LoRe ©Weirdear Works (BMI)
Produced by Alex LoRe and Desmond White
Recorded October 3-4 2018 by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn NY
Mixed/Mastered by Dave Darlington, Bass Hit Studios, NYC

A&R Challenge Records by Martijn Verlinden
Cover by Alex LoRe
Photography by Desmond White
Product coordination by Boudewijn Hagemans
Artwork by Juan Carlos Villarroel & Natasja Wallenburg, newartsint.com

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