Author: Richard Kamins
Date: May 25th, 2014

Excerpt: The rhythm section gives LoRe plenty of support throughout the program.  Case in point – the lovely ballad “Tonight I Shall Sleep.”  The melody feels like a Bach sonata filtered through an Ellingtonian lens (it actually is an Ellington composition from 1945 that he recorded with trombonist Tommy Dorsey) with the leader’s handsome alto sax sounding like a young Johnny Hodges.  Stranahan stays with brushes throughout and, boy, can he dance.  White’s rich bass lines offering a counterpoint through the melody and the alto solo. “Too Soon” also has a classical feel, especially in the long arc of the melody line and the bouncing bass lines.The airy alto leads in “Here Comes Tomorrow” (composed by White) but the rhythm section really pushes against the limpid sax lines with more strong counterpoint from White and very active but not intrusive pal from the drummer.

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