Author: Mark S. Tucker

Excerpt: Saxophonist Alex LoRe comes from the narrative side of the house, the place wherein Desmond and cats of ilk loved to dwell, where stories are told, but with a BIG exception: LoRe’s mentor is George Garzone, who appears here on three cuts, and Dream House is being issued on Greg Osby’s label. You know of Osby, right? Yeah, he and Steve Colby came from the still criminally underlauded Stata Institute and then went on to kick the bejeezus out of convention in solo and other endeavors. You can’t say ‘modern sax’ without mentioning those two guys. We understand, then, that Osby knows from jazz, and his choice of LoRe as an imprint representative proves it once again. Dream House is a disc reconciling jazz’s far side with its trad baseline in furthering a rare blend of obtuse literacy.

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