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Coming from a family with an Israeli mother and a Sicilian father, eating good food was always a very important aspect of growing up in our household. In addition, my father is an executive chef from Sicily who cooked his way across Europe in his younger days, and now operates a restaurant of his own in Riverview, Florida (formerly known as the Laughing Cat, it now operates as Cafe Italia). From the age of 11 through the end of my bachelor’s degree, I worked weekends and summers in his restaurants. Somewhere along the way, I discovered a passion for cooking that rivals my longstanding one with music.

In this blog, I’ll making my way through his personal recipe book and adapting it for the home kitchen, as well as sharing some of my own recipes and creations with you.

Favorite blogs: Serious Eats | Smitten Kitchen | Food 52 | Dave Lebovitz | Ideas In Food | Molly Yeh

The Recipes!

Chicken Parmesan

All right, enough procrastinating. One of the main reasons I started this blog was to work my way through my father’s cookbook, recreating and adapting his recipes to my own liking. But once the blog was up and running, I got distracted by the things I’ve been cooking...

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Wedding Cake Season

One of the most memorable parts of working for my father while growing up was getting to work at every single station in his restaurant's kitchens. After chopping through hundreds (14-year-old me says millions) of boxes of various mushrooms, peeling bags upon bags of...

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Roasted Cauliflower Carbonara

This whole thing is a bit surreal for me. You see, I’ve been “planning” to start a food blog for approximately four years now; four years of thinking about it, brainstorming names/recipes, and nitpicking every detail until it prevented me from actually doing anything!...

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